The Book of Nonsense
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2003-06-29 03:51:18 (UTC)

I finally got to see him...

I know I haven't written in a while but oh well. I
finally got to see my baby today! Cat and I went and picked
him up for a few hours. I'm sure he was bored for the most
part but I just hope that he was as happy to see me as I
was to see him. He will never know just how much I love
The little girl next door was really hoping that he
was my brother. She got her brother to ask if he was my
brother and I told them that he was my boyfriend. Later
they were asking David how old he was and how old I was.
And then two of the little girls were next to the fence
yelling at David that one of them liked him. I kind of
thought it was funny actually.
After we took him home, Cat and I were talking about
it and she said that she had heard it all too and thought
that it was just as funny as I did.
He kept wanting me to let him help me carry buckets or
do something. He told me that it makes him seem like a bad
boyfriend if he doesn't help. He's anything and everything
BUT a bad boyfriend. I'm so glad that I'll be home soon
where I can be so much closer to him.
Well, I have to go now. I guess I'll write later,
whenever I happen to feel like it.
Luv, Deeda