you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-06-29 03:17:28 (UTC)

home from vacation

ok well i just got back from wildwood this morning. 7days
away from my family!!! (2pts, cedes!) and yea, 7days w/ the
carfagno family, coulda been worse...actually they were
pretty cool...i dont think chris's parents really cared
that much about what i did (which is good since on more
then one occasion i could be found out of the hotel room in
the wee hours of the morning, but don't tell them that)and
some how i manged to spend $240, yikes! how did i do that?
oh well. the boys were cute and the girlies were fun
(fallon, birtany, bianca, luv u's!)yea well normally i
would write more about a whole week away from home, but im
feeling realy lazy right now. ttfn, tata for now!