Steva's Life
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2003-06-29 01:53:27 (UTC)

Short Vent Number 1

Well, A quick Vent, From a few days, Well Jeff has of
course taken Josh over his Friends, Speaking for Jenn and
my self, and its realy bothering me more then other's
because it happens to me all the time, But we're supposed
to rush for Aida tomorrow For our friend Falicia's Final
Performance in Aida, then i herd that Zanna Don't! was
closing and I had mentioned to jeff that Jen was getting me
tickets to go see Zanna don't final final Performance and i
wanted to see aida and Zanna and so how its happening is
that Jeff and Josh are rushing for Aida together and Jenn
and i are rushing Zanna witch i don't care about, but the
fact that jeff has to have josh there over me is just mean
and rude. And as Everyone is saying now, is that its time
for jeff to leave the apt. And that i should find someone
else to live here, and i'm really begining to think about
it, becuase i'm not able to deal with jeff anymore, i mean
i'd like to keep the friendship becuase that's 15 years
behind me, And its just hard to think about loseing that...
it just scares me. And i don't know what to do.

For those of you who will not know what i'm talking about
on this next part i'm sorry... if you want to know i'm more
then happy to tell you, but.........:
I MISS DAVE!!!!!!!!!

Ok, i got that out...

My Family was here for the weekend with my neice thao and
that was fun, though i was at deborah's last night becuase
i was careing you her 4 dogs an 2 cats and her 3 Floor
Brown stone, witch was fun, hey its good Money and yey! :-D
But it was easy and i could get used to doing it just not
having a party every night ;-) Amanda and kira came up to
visit me at about 11:00 and we hung out till about 2, and
then i was just like i ahve to sleep i ahve to get up at 7,
The dogs have to go out at 7 am and then every 2 hours or
so after that. And so i did it. and it was aufel.
But i did it.

And that's about all i have to say now.
Love and kisses

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