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2003-06-29 01:00:54 (UTC)

don't it always seem to go...

don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've
got til its gone.....

i thought maybe typing those lyrics would get the song out
of my head. it's been in my head for a couple days, and was
almost gone, but then i heard it AGAIN driving home from
kohl's today, so its back. for awhile at least.

so, i havent updated since...... monday. when i finished
harry potter. that was sad, sad, stuff. but let's not dwell
on it. what have i been up to lately. well, i've watched a
couple movies this week while lauren's been at work. first
on tuesday i watched two weeks' notice..... hugh grant.
sexy, sexy man. enough said. and wednesday.... i had to cut
the grass. it was quite hot and uncomfortable. but, as much
as i complain about cutting the grass, i hafta admit i like
it. i mean, it gives you such a sense of accomplishment.
like instantly. all you have to do is look behind you at
the line bordering the grass you've already cut. and you're
like, "look!, i did that! just now! isnt it so pretty?"
i just like that, cause with a lot of stuff you work your
butt of to do it (like school stuff) but then you don't get
any results for a couple days at the least. with cutting
the grass, its like bam! instant results. a sense of pride
in your work. but anyway, that's enough rambling on about
the grass... but wait! i love the smell, too. or smells, i
should say. like the smells of the flowers, of course. but
i like the smell of freshly cut grass. awesome. and i know
it sound weird, but i like the smell of the gasoline when
fill up the lawn mower tank before i start. and i like
getting my hands all greasy because i spilled the gas and
hafta clean it up so the lawn mower doesnt explode on me or
something. but seriously, i'm done now.

so thursday lauren went to work again, and i watched....
what was it? oh yeah, someone like you. its kind of old, so
a lot of people have never heard of it... but it has hugh
jackman in it.... sexy, sexy, australian man. he's also the
guy in kate&leopold, if that helps you recognize him.
except i think he looks better in someone like you. and
then...what happened? i cant remember. when you dont do
much, your mind can't really be bothered to remember it.
but geez, this is gonna bother me. really, what did i do?
oooooooooooooh yeah i remember! how could i forget? it was
the one day i wasnt sitting doing nothing! stupid, stupid
brain. i went to see alex and emma with pam! luke
wilson..... once again.... sexy, sexy man. the movie was
pretty cute... the ending was a little... non-realistic,
but it was ok. and pam and i were definitely the only two
people in the theater. i kinda started wondering if they
were even gonna show it to just us! but, luckily, they did.
for one thing, it was freezing in there. and for another...
you know how when the theater goes dark and the screen
lights up there's just this natural tendency to hush up?
well, it was just me and pam. and we got all quiet when the
lights dimmed and the previews started...and then we were
like wait. it's just us. there's no need to hush up. so, of
course, we kept up a running commentary throughout the
movie. fun stuff. then after the movie i went and got my
hair cut, just a trim though cause 'twas looking
kinda...raggedy. lol.
so then friday lauren had to work again, and this time i
watched..... what was it? oh yeah, jane eyre. i dunno why i
had the urge to watch it, but i did. but i did fastforward
to the good parts, since it is a 4 hour movie. then in the
afternoon lauren left me at the library while she went to
the gym, which turned out to be more than an hour. after
about 30 minutes i couldn't fit any more books in my
library bag so i had to make myself go outside and get away
from the books. i called suleka on my cell phone to
entertain myself...and got really hot, too. not for
entertainment though, not by choice. it was just daggone
hot outside.

so today is elizabeth's birthday. fun times, entertaining c
bunch of 7 year olds. drawing on the sidewalk with chalk,
making bracelets, opening presents, eating/cleaning up
cake/ice cream, playing pin the tail on the donkey, (i
know, i know, you're thinking "that old game is still
around?!?) etc. and geez, elizabeth got as many presents as
she would at christmas! and usually in my family christmas
is the big present day and birthday's are a little less.
but... my mom bought her an easy-bake oven! i was so
excited! i wanted to make some cookies right away (notice
how i said I wanted to and not ELIZABETH wanted to.. does
the age really say 7 & up? :) ) anyway, and then all her
friends brought her like 3 presents each, and i was like
what's up with that? my friends dont do that! maybe i
should start hanging out with the second graders!

anyway...oh yeah, and this morning, we had to go get our
picture taken for the new church directory. that was fun,
let me tell you. i love having idiot photographers make us
say cheesy things and then for a reward we get bright
lights flashed in our eyes. fun times.

so, back to reading.