My Party Life
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2003-06-28 21:01:29 (UTC)

Hold Up Playa....

This girl supposed to be my best friend. First she started
a fight with this little boy and she can't fight worth
shit. She only won b/c she grabbed his face and they were
broken up. Anyways she was trying to act all that like her
dumb ass always do. She said "Who else wanna fight me and
get they ass kicked?" and I said" You looked funny fightin
b/c u grabbed his face. She said "Shut the fuck up before I
beat yo ass like I did his." BIG MISTAKE #1. Don't ever in
yo muthafuckin life tell this one to shut up b/c I am NOT
the one. #2. You ain't gon' beat my ass so shut the hell
up. She bitch swung on me and missed so I slammed her ass
into the wall and started hittin her in her face and her
stupid ass had her head down hittin weak but kept missin
anyway. She lsot and they had to drag her away. The funny
thing is- my other best friend told the whole school when
we got back. Now they still tease her about b/c she used to
boss me around alot. she always deny it b/c she embarrassed
but it was ALOT of witnesses whenever she
talk shit she need to say it to my face and kicked her ass

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