DayDream Believer
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2003-06-28 15:44:12 (UTC)

You make me smile

As you probobly know by now me and my boyfrend Tomy have
our ours and downs in the ralationship. Much of this
isrelated to the fackt that we dont get to spend so much
time tougether as we want. I live at home with my parents
ans sisters, but sleep over at his place our he comes to me
at least half of the days in a week! I go to scholl, and
work, while he "just2 work, I go to the gym and so does he
but goes a nother gym where he lives.
He says alot of the peroblems we have is bacause I work to
much (and everyone agrees with him, and Im starting to
realsie that they`re right)and we`re not tougether enugh,
and I wold like to be more with him, I would also like to
be more at home, sleep more, work more, exercise more and
so on, but a day only has 24 hours.
A lot of our originaly plans get ruined because I suddently
has to work (and I dont say no) he gets disapointed and I
sad about that.
So afther our last big fight I sugested that we make up
some days, were its just me and him, no matter what. One
get to plan the day and the other one has to follow, but
its no compotition of making the best day. We can go to the
movies, shopping, swmming or just stay at home a whole day.
He liked the idea, so I said that no matter what the 21 of
june would me mine day and thatr I would make up somthing
Then he said that he would have the day before 20. And we
waited for the days to come..

I came to him at Tursday, I had no school and he was sick
and didnt had to go to work any of those days. We went
shopping then, somting that we was supose to do at my day,.
wer had a massge fight at or phones that day before we meet
som when I suggested thet we sust run away in his car the
next day he was thrilled!
On his day we also went shopping, I did a lot of shopping
and then we went hoem to him for dinner. We had to go to
the place where I work to do some things in the bank (in
cyber world the bank never close)
And I was like lets just go away afther this.
And so we did, I told him where I wanted to go and he knew
about a nother way there so we got in the care and drove
for hous. It was so fun, driving, listen to music, stop and
wacth the nature, eat candys at the middle of the night. I
never does that, thats the eacyest way to get fat. But he
liked it, liked the new happy me, cause it was so fun and I
was so happy. And Tomy wa happy to, afther going to the
place I wanted, we drove to a place he loved, its famous
for its beutiful natur and nigh moutans, and its down by
the sea.
It was in the middle of the night and we went to sleep in
the car!! I`d brough a blabket and two pillows, he has a
verry comfertble car and it was late so we bouth got to
Next morning I woke up firsk, we went to get breakfast and
walked around, then i told him the reason why I has chosen
this day so long ago, it was bacause today a yaer ago was
the first time we kissed. Remember how we meet on the boat
and we faound me agen and started to caome to me when I was
babysitting, then we kissed verry drunk at a club and
everything changed, thats how things started between us. He
tought it was sweet that I rememberd, but he was not
suprised, I remember everylitle detalj verry well;-)
Then we drove back to the plave I wanted to go and we want
shopping, I brough a lot of clothes, and he brough me a
piknk (!) top as a present cause I passes my exam.

We was supose to go to the club we first kissed in at the
night, but he didnt feel like going out (he never does!!)
so we stayed at his place having a good time, the he drove
me to the bus cause I had the be home the next day, alone.
When we think back at our little trip, we bouth agreed that
it was perfect:-)