Nick's Journal
2003-06-28 13:40:56 (UTC)

The Transition

so i'm going through a transitional phase in my life right
now. you see up until now, this apartment has been
populated by 4 guys. The Barringer 4 (though for one
semester only 3), that would be me, ryan, luke, and dave.
i've basically known them since my freshman year in
college (well dave i've known since 4th grade). together
the 4 of us have blundered into many a party, gotten
kicked out of more parties than we've gone to, and raped 3
dead hookers........i'm just kidding, about the getting
kicked out of more parties than we've gone to part.
anyhow, combined we've drank more beer than any normal
person would drink in 150 lifecycles.....from case races,
to whole cups of vodka. from spewing in my bed (luke and
i both did our respective beds of course), or
just passing out randomly (ryan and dave). from ccr to
allman brothers and back to ccr. basically this apartment
has been an abomination to the human race for the past
year, as were our college dorm rooms. so from 4 guys and
24 beers a night to 3 couples and a fully stocked fridge.
that's my transition. from sitting around in boxers
burning my balls with lit cigarrettes that i dropped to
the security of a loving relationship.
all the ass scratching, farting, burping, vomiting, and
hallucinations. ah, what a pleasant life.
somehow the 4 of us always do something different during
the day but at around 7 pm we all got together like a
family and got completely christ-fucked.
in place of the goat in the living room (that just won't
no longer will i forget to remember what i've forgotten
and will never remember. yes this apartment has been one
big stationary indictment. anyhow, the blurred images on
our delapidated video camera will bring into focus the
moments that have gone roaring by me like my friends when
they are wasted.