Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-06-28 08:49:40 (UTC)


Well her it is. Part 2 of my big return. In this entry,
I guess I will touch on some of the other issues that I
have been thinking about. Who know but I may go on
another tangent like I did previously.

Well, I have been thinking alot about school. Especially
graduate school. I am a little bit worried that my GPA
will end up being a little bit low. I am gonna have to
kick major ass in the next 2 years to make my dream come
true. I definitely need to step it up in each semester
that I have left. But if anyone can do it, it is
definitely me.

Concerning graduate school, I have to think of
specialization areas. I have 3 main ones under
consideration: the US since 1960, Israel, and the ancient
Romans. If I did Israel, chances are that I would have
learn Hebrew, and I would have to learn Italian and
possibly Latin. Foreign languages aren't exactly my
specialty, and my 5 years of Spanish class hasn't gotten
me very fluent.

Another thing on my mind is friends. Well, lack there
of. I have much love for the ones that I do have, but
they're aren't always around much. I want to make new
friends that I can have fabulous memories with and help me
to expand my horizons. I was sitting here again on a
lonely Friday night and I realized this....again. In the
fall, I am gonna try to become more active at school in
both my classes as well as extra curricular activities.

I worte a little song the other day. It was a goofy and
funny little rap about good old J-vo, and she really seems
to enjoy it. I am thinking that I should try and explore
that side of myself. If I like what I see, I will
definitely get a guitar, find someone to give me voice
lessons, and possibly start something up.

Next month, I am planning on getting my own apartment.
The only tihng that I am waiting for is for UCF to process
my financial aid for next year. Everything else is
looking to be fine. I think that it will be awesome to
have my own place. I know I'll have to do all the
cleaning and stuff, but I can live with that. Hopefully,
lots of good times will be had in that place and Chris
will be much more pleased.

It's almost 5am, so I think I am going to call it a
night. I have to wake up early and get homework and
errunds done, so sleep is definitely need. Plus, I have
to work at Wendy's. Well until next time, peace.

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