Oh The Life Of Me
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2003-06-28 04:56:28 (UTC)

Forgot To Introduce Myself! (Cont. 2)

Games: Warcraft III. Zelda(all em). Final Fantasy(all em).
Chrono Cross. The Sims (all em) Resident Evil (all em) Age
of Mythology/Empires. Super Mario (all em) Luigi's
Mansion. DiabloI & II. Legend of Dragoon. Clue. Cranium.
Jeopardy. Wheel of Fortune.

And my General Intrests: Writing, drawing, reading,
watchin anime, playing with my nephew, wrestlin with muh
puppy doggers (cutest lil mutt ya ever did see) playin
video,pc,board and card (harry potter) games, and
collecting stuff! (Game posters, anything Harry potter,
sailor moon stuff, fantasy pictures, dragon/fairy
figurines, wal-mart buttons, books and journals.I am also a club
RolePlayer(continue my geekiness)

I decided to keep this journal because.....Well I don't
really know why....Maybe I thought that if i were to die
suddenly then i could leave this behind, not just for my
family but for the whole world...Not that I am going to be
doing anything highly interesting anyway but still.
Kehehe....Well thats all for now. I hope you'll enjoy
reading about the days and nights of my life :D

Toodles Poodles and Ramen Noodles!