Oh The Life Of Me
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2003-06-28 04:55:40 (UTC)

Forgot To Introduce Myself! (Cont.)

MOVIES/TV: Harry Potter of course! Lord of The Rings! Dark
Crystal. Practical Magic. Legend. Resident Evil. Now &
Then. Princess Bride. Star Wars (All of em!) Titan A.E. X-
Men. BladeI/II. Spawn. Street Fighter 2 (The Animated
Movie! Live Action 1 suuuuucked) Mortal KombatI/II. Buffy
the Vampire Slayer (GRR At them for killing Spike!!)
Angel, Dark Angel (Big Gr for taking it off air) Gilmore
Girls, Charmed, the Redwall cartoon, Gnomes (What ever
happened to that?! I LOVED IT!!!) Mystery Science Theatre.
Sliders and Whose Line is it Anyway!

ANIME: Trigun (LOVE AND PEACE / *Grabs Wolfwood and runs
off*) Cowboy Bebop (LONG LIVE RADICAL ED AND
EIN!) .Hack//Sign (Pooor poor liddle Tsukasa *gives him a
huggy) Bubble Gum Crisis 2040 (I wanna be a Knight
Saber :*|) Sailor Moon (U Laugh U DIE! *moves to reach for
her tiara..forgetting she doesn't even have one) Rurouni
Kenshin (*Sigh* You sexy beast you!) Vampire Hunter D.
Princess Mononoke(Dear Lord Ashitaka is one fine drawn
specimen! *shoves San off a cliff*) Record of Lodoss War
(One of my Top favs! Deedlit Rocks!!!) And last But NEVER
Least INUYASHA! (*Rubs Inuyasha's ears* Miroku you sexy
monk! *grabs onto Miroku's ankles and never lets go*)

Fav Food: Mountain Dew, Surge, Jolt! (The nectar of the
computer geek gods!) E.L.Fudge Cookies (Has to be the
butter cookie with the fudge filling!) Mashed Tatoes.
Chicken Nuggets

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