Oh The Life Of Me
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2003-06-28 04:52:25 (UTC)

Forgot To Introduce Myself! Kehehe.

My name is CerealK, aka CK. Right now, but not for much
longer, I am 17 years old, and a chick, no, not the
barnyard animal...A Female. Yay for mee.I am a huge geek
in the sense i luv Harry Potter, anime and anything
fantasy (Yes, i dressed up as a witch for the release of
Harry Potter book 5. I am not ashamed!) If you were to
lookin my room you'd think you were in the home of a freak
as the walls are covered in game,harry potter,dragon and
lotr posters. Books litter my shelves and desk and i
probably would have an open bag of E.L.Fudge cookies on my
desk *Stands up with her cup of coffee in her hand nad
nods to everyone* Hello, my name is CK and im a
sugarholic. Kehehe. Ok, now down to the basics. Lemme
start off with a lil info, interests, boring crap.

BOOKS: LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER! The Vampire Chronicles and
any other book from Anne Rice. The Sword of Truth Series
(U Must read it or i shall pluck your toe hairs out slowly
with tweezers!) Go Ask Alice. A Series of Unfortunate
Events (I LOVE YOU LEMONY SNICKET!!) Stephen King!! And
all of Dragonlance!_< Biiiig task.
But oh well :D

MUSIC: All Final Fantasy Soundtrack songies! Any kind of
game/anime soundtrack.Mazzy Star (She is just so
superdillyicious!) Ellis Paul. Tenacious D (Jack Black Da
Man!) Bob Dylan *Swoons* Neil Young. REM. Tori Amos (She
kicks big booty asss) And UB40!

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