Oh The Life Of Me
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2003-06-28 04:34:24 (UTC)

Boy Meets World, World Hates Boy, World Makes Boy Go Away.

You know you are bored when you start watching Boy Meets
World and soon after begin to yell at Cory for even
thinking of Topanga as a dating possibility......Or maybe
you aren't bored and just have no love life like myself in
which to yell at instead.
And why in the world does Shawn hang out with Cory
anyways! Cory is a geeky little "Oh mommy daddy I have a
problem please help me" twerp where as Shawn is the cause
of that problem! And Topanga! Is it just me or did the
writers change the story! In middle school Cory HATED
Topanga (I think her parents were high when they named
her) and suddenly they reach Highschool and its all "I've
always loved him/her. We were meant to be together. Blah
blah friggity blah!" I mean coooooooome on! Ooh, Inuyasha
is on! *runs away from her computer to watch her favorite
lil Monk*

Mood I Am In/MIAI: Hypppper
Music Im Listening To/MILT: Mazzy Star's Fade Into You.

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