I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-06-28 03:25:29 (UTC)


I started to work at the store where I am employed now
last August. Since then, people have come and gone in the
store. But my one constant the whole time was Liz.

Liz moved here from Texas for a year. She followed her
boyfriend here and wasn't expecting much from it. She
assumed most of her time would be spent with him. Was she
ever wrong.

Liz has become my confidant, my coconspiritor, my twin (we
get called each other's names all the time), and my
friend. Tonight was her last night here.

I just got home after a quiet dinner for her with the
other close friends she's made. I was dreading the time
when I had to leave. I had been good about not crying all

I wish her luck, but in my selfishness, I want her to
stay, to be my friend and to keep me company. She knows
all my stories and how I feel and what I think. We'd take
20 mins. out of the days we worked together to catch the
other one up on the latest news, gossip, etc. Who can I do
that with now?

I am crying and feeling so sad. I hate that I find someone
I love and then they must leave. I miss her so much, but
am so grateful to have found a friend like her.

Goodbye Liz, I love you.

I miss my friend.