Jamie H

Pretty Baby
2003-06-28 00:21:58 (UTC)

Summer Time 2003

Hey . . . Man does it feel like summer (95-106 degrees).
It was 94 when we all went to the zoo in S.F. It was
different kind of weather because S.F is always cloudy and
cold. Daniel and I have been kinda not talking . . . well,
he hasn't been but he wrote me a letter and said
sorry . . . I will enclude it in here. He also sent a new
picture . . . what a cutie!! HEHE . . . anyway . . . we
went to see my older sister today . . . she was babysiting
Mecealia (makayla). John Paul rode his bike around . . . I
guess he is at his house because he called. Anyway . . . I
got my report card . . . 2.83 GPA . . . that is good. I
heard from my Grandma, Ralph, and my cousin Jessica. I
weas scared because I didn't know who was Jessica at first
because I got a letter and I was like umm . . . I hope it
isn't a sister. Luckily it wasn't. Anyway . . . Grad was
good. I got sick on Saturday and was sick until wed. For
about 5 days. It was the worst I have been since last
year. Soon I have to see Ryan . . . I a m going to make
sure he knows I am paying for all my college and also . . .
taken by Daniel . . . :) Anyway . . . I am going to go now.


The letter:
im so sorry i havnt been to chatty i didnt mean to hurt you at all
please forgive me. anyways:) how are you job hunting is going slow
but its ok. i might have a job at home depot. i love you:) but i feel
like i havnt been showing it lately:*( i feel terrible about that.
but i do love you with all my heart. not a day goes by where i dont
think of you and us and our future together. and everytime i think of
these things i feel a warmth in my soul. ya know when your cold and
you take a sip of hot coca? that feeling you get on the first sip?
well.. thats the feeling i get when i think of you.
any ways hehe ill let you go for now:)
love always and forever with the deepest fibers that make up my heart
Danny ps heres a pic you dont have i think