2003-06-27 01:44:03 (UTC)

Yesterday at work = bored, today a spy...

So I was so really bored yesterday, that I learned the sign
alphabet, and was still able to watch 1 and a half hours of
t.v. Yes, when the boss is away I will definately play.
Even though their nice and all, I just don't like not being
productive by them. When their away I can slack off to a
degree. Besides there was no one in the mall to pass out
fliers too, and there was no one in the place to help out.
What's a girl to do?

(I like to have fun too, You're just so jealous, you never
let me.)

Anyway, today as soon as I came in to work Anna told me
that there is this lady that is interested in buying the
business. So she ended up with sending me across the street
to the competitors. (If you don't know, I work for
WorldOne, the theraputic massage bed company that has been
called a miracle bed.) I asked the lady over there about
this and that. (I got to use my acting skills. Yeay) She
kept saying this and that. It's practically the same thing
that we say, except they have a 40 minute testimony thing
while everyone waits for the beds to end. So I layed down
when it came to my turn, and I realized that the stuff that
I was translating for my company about the differences
about the different companies is very true. This was less
comfortable since I layed down on the rolers, where in fact
they are positioned at the top of the neck where I work
making it more comfortable. It's not as deep, it's shorter,
it's not so comfortable to sleep since you would have to
flip over for a front massage, and doesn't have any add

I asked her though about the thing across the street, and
then she started giving me a whole bunch of bull shit. She
said that the company went out of business in Korea so they
brought their merchandise to sell in America to those who
are unaware. She is a cruel bitch though, I could tell she
is not ethnically diverse since she said stuff about Hong
Kong, and Japan. Those are such different things. Hong Kong
is not in Korea bitch, get it straight. During the
testimonies that were going on while I was on the bed, I
looked at her and the crowd and saw it as a kult. That
woman was also saying that WorldOne is just a rip off of
ceragem, that they were here first and their the best. That
THIS ONE IS BETTER. Okay first off here's an idea marry the
first guy you see. Vote for the first presidential
candidate that speaks. Believe what you will, but that is
the dumbest way to say something is best. Just because she
tried this one first? I don't know if she did or not, but
she used to work for this company. I don't get her.

Another interesting thing was that she was so hyper and
told me that she didn't even drink her coffee yet. That
freaked me out.

(oh, and the bed went up to my head, she said that it
should, when in fact you should hot heat your head. )

anyway this is me saying bye