Nick's Journal
2003-06-26 15:42:47 (UTC)

The cruel irony of having to see you ape-nazis

shit, there are essentially 15 people that i despise. and
about 200 more who i don't want to see. "why nick" you
say, "that's a shitload of people!" no it's not!!! we
have 6 billion people on this earth. so i hate 3.58e-08%
percent of the population. "but nick" you say, "there are
only 30,000 people that on average that are in your
vicinity. ok so i technically hate .007% of my
surrounding companions. now out of these 215 people there
are 3 that i truly hate and don't ever want to see, yet
somehow i run into them at a ratio of 3:1. so for every
faggot i run into i don't care about i run into 3 ass-
ninjas that i hate. now, if i narrow down the people i can
potentially see (note the word "potentially") to 300
(which is getting really fucking generous) i still see
the 1% of you ass-donkeys 3 times more than the rest.
aside from that i'm listening to "simple man" by charlie
daniels band.
i love this song. it's just such a bigot minded, control
freak oriented, might is right vindicated song. he realy
should have added some lines to it. like "if you're a
black person no matter what you do i'll persecute
youuuuuuuuu ooooooo wooooooooo." "if i think that you
look like an arab, i'll blame you for my woes, even though
i have no concept of your religion or am devoid of the
notion that not all arabs are muslims.....oooooo
wooooooo." don't get me wrong. the qu'ran is a piece of
shit and the religion (no matter how much they doctor it
in a politically correct manner) is hateful. but
seriously the only crime that most arabs have ever
committed in their live is that they smell like a
babboon's ass. but i guess its just their tradition to
shirk water as if it were a jew............