would the world stop spinning
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2003-06-26 12:42:27 (UTC)

well it s like 8:12a.m... it s..

well it's like 8:12a.m... it's been quite some time since i
stayed up this long,not since the few times i didn't sleep
at all,after finding out about roy.
it's not that i'm upset this time though,i'm just not in
the mood for sleep. hmmm... it happens now and then.
it's odd,i'm talking to ellen.. jens ex,strangly enough the
one who told me that aften and jen slept together...while
aften was busy hurting me,jen was busy hurting ellen.
she's clearly got some self-esstem issues..bah!

i miss caela breathing next to me...i'm spitting out pure
jibberish: i don't think that i could hold a semi-
intelectual conversation right now.
i'm listining to something corporate right now...i think
that this guy could have rock n' roll b/f potential....but
most of the songs are about hurting his that sucks
eh well...
my cold is getting better,but my throat is very dry and
sore cuz of it right now.i think i'm going to lie down
soon, i still don't feel like sleeping but i'm getting
tired....when the body goes i kinda don't have any choice
in the matter.
grrr... i'm bored,cuz who the fuck is up at this hour that
i one!
ok well i'm going to go lie down now... it's 20 till 9 and
i'm not going to sleep all day so i might as well get at
least a few hours in.
more when i wake up