chevs life
2003-06-26 07:45:44 (UTC)

Helllllllllllooooo Summer!

Ah, summer time finally. I'm totally loving it...well for
the most part. I mean it beats the heck out of school by
far, no doubt but ya when you have nothing to do it gets
kinda bleh.

Haha well I got my report card back. I was absolutely
amazed that I did as well as I did. 89% average baby!! :D
I was so happy. They screwed up my schedule though so now
I have to go back to school and waste a day of my summer
fixing their mess up. JERKS. Haha. Ya, school's stinky.

Well Mandi was here this weekend and that was pretty cool.
We always have a grand time when she comes around these
parts. We all went to the fair too and amazingly I
actually didn't mind it. Normally there's only like 4
rides so it's stinky but ya this year I actually had
alotta fun!!

I also went to Regina on Monday for Mandi's grad which was
kinda unreal. Our grade 8 grad was so like welfare... I
mean there was no effort to it whatsoever where as theirs
was all decorated and organized. They were all like crying
because they're graduating from grade 8 and at our grad we
were like jumping for joy. Elementry school was like crap
for us!!! But ya, I guess they were all pretty close so it
makes sense that they would be upset. Aww well what can ya

The trip itself was pretty awesome too. Like it was the
first time I've gone to Regina without like a parent or
adult. It was really good to just let loose with my
friends than not talk at all because of parents. Plus it
was just alot of fun hanging out with them cuz I haven't
talked to one of them, one to one like that, in a super
long time. Just a super-fly day I tell ya!

Anyways that's basically it for now so tune in next time
for another session of Chev's life!! :D

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