Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2003-06-26 04:50:13 (UTC)

Poem - "Felt Around For Her Face"

The roses are fading in your garden of gloom
And receding down into the earth,
A pile of ashes now lies in the place
Of a moment of mischief and mirth.
But no such luck will befall you my friend
As your hands clear a place for your head,
What slipped through the cracks of perilous youth
Will fertilize only the dead.
You search the sky for a sign of salvation
But there’s nothing to meet your gaze,
What you desire doesn’t fall with the rain
Nor beam with the sun’s blinding rays.
Disappointing it is to learn so late
That your life is a long list of lies,
Your soul won’t be saved by oceans or rivers
Or a magical morning sunrise.
You will climb no mountains and traverse no plains
For these are mere masses of dirt,
And a broken heart amounts to no more
Than a bright red stain on your shirt.
You’re beginning to learn once and for all
That you’re on your own in the void,
Defying description by any measure
Your pen might choose to employ.
A turn of the tongue will tell no tales
Except one of quiet removal,
Alliteration may sound like a song
But it warrants no secret approval.
Now what, you may ask, is the point of this game
If there’s nothing to learn when you fall,
Starting with less every time you get up
Doesn’t seem like a game at all.
Truth be told, you’re too tired to tell
Salvation from a light in the sky,
Displacing what can only live in your soul
With an innocent wink of the eye.
When at last you’re prepared to face up to the facts
Your path will already be cleared,
Not a path through the valley of unfinished dreams
But a path across what you once feared.
When you’re finally ready, your reward will be waiting
And you’ll wonder what took you so long,
Glory is gone but you can’t hang on
To the rhymes in a poem or song.
Don’t cry for the years you seem to have wasted
On the fruitless obsessions of youth,
All too often must you wade through lies
Before you discover the truth.