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2003-06-26 02:15:11 (UTC)

Depression knows no bounds

So I've finally made it home, felt like a dream come
true. But it's left with a lot more than that. Oddly
enough since I came back a lot more problems have arose.
Maybe I just carry bad luck with me. Who knows nothing is
going right anymore. I just...suck. Class sucks, I don't
have a job and I can't get one because I can't say when I'll
be free because the fucking ticket I got and the driving
school hours are unknown to me. We won't even get into the
ticket that I was given for a ridiculous infraction that is
given to help give the city more money without raising
taxes. Just one more burden, my weight gain wouldn't have
been so bad if it wasn't for the fact that none my clothing
fits and cuts me. A constant reminder of how unattractive
i've become and that's re-enforced by the fact that no one
is interested in dating me and no one finds me attractive.
And now i've been abandoned but who i thought were my only
friends because they can't handle me. Well fuck them. Fuck
this place, I hate this place and I'd leave if it wasn't for
my family because I would hate to hurt them and even in my
lowest moments i know they love me and would miss me. I'm
tired of this place time to try and dissappear for a while.