would the world stop spinning
2003-06-26 00:20:33 (UTC)

not sure this is finished,but it's my thoughts for a moment.

your passion grows beond what your idea of tomorrow will be,
thoughts not so mutable that i think i can't change them
for the best...
making you believe that we are more than the world is
willing to let us be.
scars that should have been tended to better than we were
capable of on our own,now faiding..even if the pain hasn't
been deleted from our dreams.
i want to draw a line through your memories,remember that
you were better than knew at that moment.
my heartbeat quickens when you grace the inside of my tiny
world,for that moment when you stood on my pedestool,softly
touching my lips.
i'm scared to look at my cuts and bruses as well..not so
much afraid that they havn't healed as i am that they have.