would the world stop spinning
2003-06-25 23:33:50 (UTC)

break me into peices.

well i'm home after another few days in springfield with
caela...i actually got to see campus this time tho,and it's
very nice. i think that beth is going to be moving in with
caela,at least for a while and then beth and i might be
getting an apt there on campus. i thought about it though
while i was there and it almost seems silly to me cuz caela
will be leaving there next may and i don't know when kelli
is leaving,but beth and i may have to stay there after that
and i'm not sure i wanna stay in springfield. i kinda got
alot on my mind right about about this whole situation,a
few scary points came about...i'm trying not to even think
to much about it tho,but what happens if i fall for caela
and she leaves...she's already said that she doesn't want
to stay in ohio.where is all this really going to be able
to go? oh well i need to eat.. i'll be back to put more in
here later.