champagne supernova
2003-06-25 17:37:52 (UTC)

no... my birthstone is a pearl

ya know.i am one lucky person. i had a wonderful birthday,
and once again it wldnt have been possible with out my
rita. she is truly the best person i know. i have known her
for 16 years, and in my life span of 17 years, i have not
once come cross a more beautifully spirited genuinly unique
and loving person. like she said we used to be bath
buddies. and sure we have the best guys ever, but it just
isnt the same. i have so many memmories with bobby i could when ever i think of mine and just
makes me grateful i have her. *love you rita* she got
together all of my friends and through me a wonderful
dinner party last night that i had the best time at !
quoting jon: " may lindsay have a long life, and may her
birthdays be frequent" lol...thanks jon. rita ilove ya so
much hun, thank you for another great year. and im sure we
are going to have many to come! im gonna miss you so much
when im gone. but ill be back !! and ill bug u for those
three weeks i have nothing to do! ha! thank yo al for a
wonderful year! i loved every minute! im so glad most of
you could make it! i loved everything! even the flower i hope we can do it again next year
everyone.....and denise,, no strip clubs ! love u!
rita...dont playa hate yo' lol
love you !