2003-06-25 16:19:00 (UTC)

or maybe im just drunk.

lol. thats funny.

i just got done with my doctors appointment. they have to
do a skin biopsy because he was wrong about what he thought
was fibrosis. thats really scary.

on the up side lol. i got a job! woo hoo. its shitty
money but its more than im making now and i start
tomorrow. and whats even cooler about tomorrow is im guna
see my favorite girl in the world!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! im soo
fucking excited its really funny. i want to go home right
now and finish painting and cleaning and stuf and make it
all perfect so she'll come back all the time.

he told me he loves me last night. finally. 2 years
without saying it out loud and last night is the night? i
didnt even believe it for half a second. we were just
laying there and he was like out of
nowhere.. "adrienne?" "yeah?" "i do..... i really do, i
have tried so hard not to. but i cant help it." and i
didnt say a word. i was just like. liar liar liar liar
liar liar liar. how sad is that. you wait years for
something and then it happens and it doesnt even feel
real. whatever.

my father has diabetes. on top of every fucking other
thing. he is devastated. he keeps crying and i feel
awful. he found out yesterday. hes really scared. and my
moms like "hes guna fuck up my vacation!" lol. is this my

alli talked to me about her condition and this conference
she's going to, to speak to senators about getting more
money for research. it was akward but it was mainly two
things, i was impressed with how strong she is and i was
glad she was ready to share stuf with me. that she trusts
me and stuf.

its nice to be home. but im ready to leave. for now.