2003-06-25 14:16:40 (UTC)

Keeping it kinda short, about guys and to the point today...

It's morning, I as usual woke up early but that's the whole
point. See I called Yesenia yesterday and she said she'll
call me today so that I can come over to her house and she
can call the guy she likes. She needs to get her balls back
and I'm the one that's forcing her to get prostetic
testicles. She laughs at that.

Yesterday Yesenia invited me to go to Great America on the
7th so I would take off work, I'm not sure about that
though. And on the 4th she invited me over for a barbeque
and fireworks and yes he might be there, and she might just
ask the guy she likes to come to it as well. It shall be

Oh and Helen found his agenda. Yesenia said that all he
writes in there is call Chris. (His best friend.) We have
more in common then I've ever thought and now it's
beginning to freak me out partially because he is so damn

The gloves, spikes and that classy/punky look pertaining to
fashion, then there's the theology (even though we have
different faiths), I'm still not sure wheather he likes
killing stereotypes like he did in that pic, but I sure as
hell love it, and now the best friend thing. That was what
my schedule looked like until Teresa moved away. Now I need
to get a good calling plan and her less busy to talk to her
as much as before. But it's cool cause we still talk, and
that one summer we were hanging almost every day for the
whole day. My mom would call us "papuszki nie rozlaczki."
love birds, but if you translate it word for word it means
parrots that don't seperate.
Dabadi, dabadi, dabadi, that's all folks.