Welcome to own demise
2003-06-25 12:38:06 (UTC)


so its like 820 am. i've been awake pretty much since 5
this morning. blah. i cant fall back asleep. grrr. my moms
bed hurts my shoulder. :(

alberts sleeping in the other room. i kinda wanna go crawl
into bed with him... but im not sleepy. so id be laying
there waiting for him to wake up and thats so boring. ive
done it b4.

i looked so cute yesterday.. i thought so anyway.. and i
was so smooth, but i went to bed when my mom went to bed bc
she told me to. i hope she doesnt think thats gonna be an
everyday thing, bc theres no way im gonna go to bed
everynight when she goes to bed. thats garbage.

so im sitting here in my teeshirt i wore to bed and under
things... im debating whether or not i should just go ahead
and get dressed... i dunno... grr see i hate this feeling..
im not really that horny but i am... i'm listening to
lovage and its getting me pretty um there ya kno. ha. man..
my mom told me 'no screwing around' and 'no craziness' and
since my mother already knows that we dont necessarily have
actual sex... she knows that that wont be happening but she
also knows other things could. man that sucks. i kinda dont
care tho, but i do. i dont want to disrespect her or her
house bc she is doing both of us a huge favor by letting
him stay here.

i'm supposed to go look for a job today with mr man. we're
supposed to walk down the road and go to diff places and
run some errands while we're at it. man i really dont want
to. but i know i have to. well i dont have to but he does.
no we both have to.

man i wish someone was up now. i wanna talk to someone.
blah blah blah.

so gabi kins is causing quite a stir. (for the 1st time
ever its not me!) my dad saw an email in gabis pocession
something along the lines of a list of something i dunno
but it involved masturbation and all sorts of perved
sexual things... anyway gabi told my dad her friend nicky
sent it to her. and now my dad is all upset and worked up
bc he thinks "this nicky punk" is corrupting his baby.. i
told my mom... by the end of the day she had talked to
nickys mom who asked nickya bout it and nicky showed her
mother the email, which was sent BY gabi... so gabi sent it
to her.. yea. and i had founf out the other night that
aparently gabi had an internet boyfriend or some such
garbage. jesus christ. fucking fall river. turns little
girls into fast ass little girls.

my hair looks like crap but it feels and smells nice.

ok i decided what im gonna do im gonna go get dressed for
the day. in order to do so i have to go into the bed room
and get my clothes out of the closet... ohh i hope i dont
wake him hehehe. ;)