Gypsy: Exposed, Exploited, Explained
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2003-06-25 01:38:42 (UTC)


Ok, Laurie. I guess it's time to be honest. Let's list all
the things that are locked away in your fucked up mind.
Because, let's face it, between the two of us, I know you
are seriously fucked up and I know that feeling you get in
your head when you think about how fucked up it all really
is. So why do we do the things we do? Let's push reset.
Yes, I know you wish we could...but it doens't work that
way. Maybe its the heat that's got you so twisted. Question
why you have no friends when you give yourself away.
Question why it is that when you are the one behind it all
all the glory goes to someone else. Question how he ended
up looking so damn clean...and with all these people around
to jump for him...and you are the one alone. With the same
old "unnatractive" people. Question why it is that you live
the life you do. Girl, you are fucked up. I don't even
think a therapist could help you now. I mean, the thought
of just speaking those knotted feelings or trying to find
the words to adequately describe the felling you get in
your fingertips when you think about all these things. For
a girl who hates to lie you are fucking great at it.Go
ahead lie to everyones fucking faces about everything but
to you its the same as the truth because you are such a
furcking great actress that you start to believe yourself.
Golden rule...never make decisions at night because you
always regret them in the morning. Why do you let other
people do shit to you. Why do you need the love...the
attention even. What is it. i really wish i knew. why does
this world seem so small and you seem so big...or is it the
other way around. And there always
drama where you go. Even now you are soooo angry. She likes
the pot. She likes to drink. She likes to piss it all away.
She likes to feel numb. If I could only scream I would. And
the thing is, I don't have much to complain about.