Nick's Journal
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2003-06-24 18:38:04 (UTC)

The Main Event - Moore vs. O'Reilly

so people are really into boxing and i figured why not
bring back that celebrity boxing. presenting......
Michael Moore vs. Bill O'Reilly!!!
The Main Event for the title of who the fuck cares what
you think?
see as far as i'm concerned they are perfectly matched up
for each other in terms of brain (very little) and respect
(also very little), and dignity (hmmm, also very little).
they are polar opposites yet ironically very much alike.
both can't take criticism. both think they are absolutely
right. both whine like little bitches. the pseudo-
righteous vs the pseudo-righteous.
now as to who would win this.......
i'd say that if big michael can fall on billy the kid in
the first round it's a lock. however if the fight goes
any longer than 3 seconds, o'reilly won't have to do shit,
cos moore will be dead on the ground wheezing. of course
this is all hypothetical, as i'm not even sure that mr.
moore would be capable of lacing up his gloves without
having a heart attack, or that mr. o'reilly could box with
that huge pole up his ass.