Nick's Journal
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2003-06-24 18:13:06 (UTC)

The Gym (again)

so i've been going to the gym a lot lately and i've
realized that the demographies really haven't changed.
most of all the stupidity hasn't changed. i still can't
understand why these guys have to pass by me with about an
inch of space between us, i mean shit, and then they act
all surprised when i bump into them with my weights. but
more than the stupidity i enjoy the exhilirating high you
get when you run really fast for really long. i swear i
thought i had smoked two joints by the time i was at my
peak, things were fading in and out and the rowing machine
was starting to look pretty good.
what's weird is that i listen to music while i run so i
sorta hear other people's "whispers" well they sound like
whispers to me. altogether it feels like i'm listening to
pink floyd while on an acid trip.
so now i'm finally done with my public speaking class. it
was actually a lot of fun, i mean it's definetly the best
class i've taken in a while, i learned a lot and got a lot
of confidence, but aside from that it was funny to watch
the asian guy try to speak in front of people. people
have such fascinating idiosyncratic motions that they
probably don't even realize. like this one guy would
always lightly tap the podium after each sentence
(something i'm sure he didn't notice) but it got so
fucking annoying! moreover this one guy would gyrate his
hips as if he were a hooker on the corner.
my favorite was the sorority girl (blond and
dumb....whoops i did it), she would lose her train of
thought every other phrase. i've never heard so
many "ums" in my life. what she should do is just
yell "tri-delta!!!" whenever she fucks up so that she
atleast helps out her sisters.
ok, i swear to god the beer bottle was on the left side of
my keyboard.......not right beside me with a knife. well
that's my que to stop writing.