champagne supernova
2003-06-24 14:59:54 (UTC)


well today is the day i turn 17 !!! woo hoo! onemore year
and i will be able to buy cigarettes and porn......not like
that benefits me any, but hey knowing that i could. lol. im
excited for tonite! everyone is getting together at rubys
for hungry already.i cant wait it should be
so much fun!!! so, i went to bed last nite at id say
10 :45, and i have a phone right next to my bed and the
next thing i know , my phone is ringing and its midnight
excatly. i answered the phone and it was my dad ...he never
calls! and he told me " hi hunny! i looked at the clock and
it said 12:00, june 24, 2003. and i wanted to call and say
happy birthday!, sorry it is so late, but i had to call and
tell you hapy birthday!" we went on and talked baout what
i have been doing latly and when i leave for
virginia..which is saturday..( nervous) and just about
having a new apartment . we talked for a few minutes and he
said since it was late he would let me get back to bed, and
that he woulds call today with my sisters and brother~! i
hope he does, that totally made my birthday. i loved he
was the first one to call and i dont care that he woke me
up. ill be in the best mood for the rest of the day! see
you all tonite!
`~happy birthday to me....`~ lol

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