apfel diary
2003-06-24 05:34:30 (UTC)

the weather is super hot these..

the weather is super hot these days.help~~lol(have been
thinking have hair cutting or not)hey,its no need to wear
the face mask from now on.hehe..so happy.i think it must be
no one wearing the mask in everywhere now.u know,wearing
the mask in this such hot weather,the face will be get many
red-point and hard to breathe.no mask day
last sunday,i was shopping with bonnie. she and i shopped
so long.all my bad brother fault,lol.otherwise our foot
wouldnt so pain.shopping for a long time,we still dunno
what to buy.but there are many interest things made me
wanna buy it to myself.lol.
last week,siufa had photo taken.hehe...i will scan it
later.hm..i havent talked with any internet friends for
ages.hardly talked to my classmates and net friends.busy
working at church sometimes.taking a lot of time on church
stuff more than being there with my friends now.i had
argument with my family the other day.but everyting alright
now.hm...no more sad right now.god bless.hehe..