Montana bound
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2003-06-24 00:43:48 (UTC)

I'll meet her there

Heh, I just got an email back from Natalie. It was
quite short and simple, and I couldn't have asked for
more. It said and I quote, " I hope you find your self
rotting in hell."
I was half tempted to write a response saying "I'll meet
you there," but I decided that would only encourage her to
mail me again, which I really don't want.
Well, yesterday was incredibly disappointing. I hung
out with Jessica for a few hours, but we didn't really do
anything. We wrote up a letter to the owner of the Sports
Bar, and she's going to try to get ahold of the guy who
knows our backer so we can set up a meeting with him and
try to work some stuff out. We then went to a movie, 2
Fast 2 Furious, I seeing it my second time. Honestly, I
was hoping to get at least some kind of action out of it,
but she seems to have come to the conclusion that teasing
me would be fun, even though she knows I loathe and despise
teases. There is no crueller bane to men than a woman who
is willing to start but never finish. It's partially
because of girls like that there are rapists.
The thing is, since I've decided that the only girl I
might be interested in a relationship with is Allison (and
if not with her, than no one for as long as I'm still in
this shit hole), Jessica and I have come to an
understanding that, while still friends, we've got no
reason not to entertain each other in other ways, as well.
Yeah, yeah, fuck all you that are calling me immoral and
lustful. I know I am, and I'm damn proud of it. She is
too, so why the hell deny ourselves the pleasure?
Anyway, I'm hoping we can hang out again sometime soon.
I've also got to get some money and go by Athena's one of
these days soon, as well. I really need to talk to
Allison. It's driving me insane never getting to speak
with her, and if I don't get some kind of answer as to a
relationship with her, I know I'll lose it. As I said
before, I can't and won't let her slip away like I did with

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