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2003-06-24 00:39:44 (UTC)

nipple pierceing. hahahah

i havent weitten in a long while i must say and im so very
dearly sorry. i have been working 50 hour weeks! and to
think i almost quit becuse steve said that he wouldnt have
any hours for me. haha. i finally got both my nipples
pierced! im so freeking proud of myself! now in all i have
my nose with a tiny diamond, my inner ear cartlidge, my
nipples my belly button and tongue. yay . i think im done
with piercings for awhile. ill start leaking. i met a guy
on friday night. his name is freddy . he is from puerto
rico. he is a cutie, but he hasnt called me yet. i have his
number but i think ill have him call me because if he
really liked me he would call right? o well im not trippin.
its no big deal. today i think one of my toddlers at work
put my cell phone somewhere and i have a feeling i wont
ever find it. i have it on silent so if someone calls me
during nap time it wont wake the brats up. lol. so anyways
back to friday night.. tania and i went out dancing at
tropics. we are big dancers, and we always get invited up
to v.i.p since we know how to work it, and we are cute!!!!!
so we went up to v.i.p and there was this dude sitting up
there and he was all like do you want to dance so we
danced. i was a little drunk, so i made sure to look at him
very good so i wouldnt just make a bad decision. i have
done that a few times and ended up giving my number to a
complete nutso! im trying to think if there is really
anything new.. no there isnt. i quit smoking pot though. on
friday me nick , mike and cheyene, and ryan all went to
mikes and watched a movie. adam sandler movies. i was so
happy that they decided not to go to the bars, becasue i
wouldnt have been able to go since im not 21 till sept.
anyhow they were smoking good ass weed, and i really wanted
to take a hit, but i dint. its been 14 days i think since i
smoked. i guess i feel better, but i cant really sleep very
well at night. i got absolutly NO sleep last night and i
had to work 7 to 5 today. ugggh. now tomorrow im working
from 7 to 4 30 and im gonna be running on empty . at least
i get some hours. i dont know what im going to do when the
person im filling in for comes back. im hoping that she
wont, because i think its un fair that she gets full time
when she misses at least ... AT LEAST 1 day a week. she
hasnt come in in 2 and a half weeks. she doesnt deserve the
position and im hoping that steve realizes that and demotes
her to part time. uggh i cant stand it. anyways i must be
going now. if anyone is actually reading this let me know
what you think of my life. no one ever sends me messages!

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