Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
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2003-06-23 22:02:22 (UTC)

This one is to muh friendz

This entry is to all of the friends hint the title! well i
am leaving tomorrow for Illinois NOT forever or anything
its only 12 days!!! But i have the best friends in the
entire world... you think yours are better NO WAY mine can
beat u out anyday dont say ur friends are better until you
meet mine so here are all my little shoutoutz to them~~~>


-Kayla you have become like my best friend we get along so
well and you are the funniest girl i will EVER know all you
have to do is say HI and it makes me laugh too hard that i
piss myself. How many timez have we had in the 3 yearz? not
enough i promise i will ALWAYS keep in touch cuz you are
the one of a kind friend. You will never be replaceable. I
love you like a sister. Thanks for always being there and
defending me when i need you sweet stuff!~*~

-Brittnie you will always be my best friend longer and you
and i are alike in too many ways its kinda freaky we get
sick of eachother but we always are SO tight. Your like a
sister to me and always will be. and u have a fat cat

-Kelsey our friendship is as freaky as it comes we are mad
at eachother than its like wait what did we fight about
again? Cant wait till warped tour gunna be off the
chizain... We froze and had a kick ass time at caitlins
that one time we DIDNT pour water all over caitlin why
would be do such a thing cough cough Your a great friend
and i dont care if you buy the same stuff as me cuz its
like a compliment all i beg of is LAY OFF PAUL FRANK!!!!!
Your too cool sweetie


-Nick you are my one and only true LOVE... when i think
about my future i always picture you in it. I loved you
then and i still love you now Your the reason i take the
time in life to do better You make me feel all cheery and
happy. You make me who i am. I feel like real person when
you are around. i can be the actual me when you and i are
together. I love you to death baby!

-Kyle you will always be my number one stud and baller cuz
you are my best friend and always will be. You will always
be remember even when i am dead and you are livin up ur
life cuz of my death JK! I can trust you with anything. I
love my kyle hugz people try to redo the kyle hugs but it
can NEVER compare to yourz sexy. Dont forget our song...
Flaw My letter Its fracken creepy how much we have in
common. I NEVER thought in a million yearz i would meet
someone as cool as you. I love skatin with you sweet thang!
your my number one baby. Love you brotha alwayz keep it

-Frankie Your so fracken funni babe. Your too cool, we have
had some great times before LyLaB watz poppin f-f-f-
frankie... not my cherries! nice try tho! still love ya tho
good timez You have to be the best friend a girl could ever
have! YOUR # 1 NESTER

Thats my tribute to my BEST friends in the entire world if
you werent in here try a lil bit harder at ur friendsip
with me!!!