would the world stop spinning
2003-06-23 21:20:40 (UTC)

oh no... jail time?

lol.... i think that i have just read the funnest thing
ever in my life,aften had her mommy write me a letter
telling me to stop trying to contact her. aparently aften
didn't like the emails i sent to her and to amanda,but none
of them were threatening and none and them were lieing
about anything... she and amanda are shitty people and
aften did fuck me over and i do hope she gets hurt by this
new girl and i DO hope she gets kicked out,it'd be funny
funny.teach her to hurt people again maybe...and teach her
to be a big fucking liar again.i don't think it would be
smart for her and her man/girl whatever to come out to
clubs anymore tho.. esp if they know that i'm going to be
there... i'm not going to try to keep any peice or
anything, they'd be asking for it to come into a plae they
know i'll be
anyway, i'm supposed to go and stay with caela tomorrow
after the club and stay till thursday.she's going away next
tuesday,for three weeks, so i'm trying to see her as much
as possable before she goes.
i'm planing a few trips today...mine and my sisters
trip,which will be odd...we are going to chicago then to
new's going to be like a week and a half long trip.
then i'm also looking up some things for another special
trip,to new orleans...i was suposed to go with aften in oct
for our two year anniversary,lmao,obviously i'm not taking
her anymore. i think i'm going to go during the souther
decadence,should be fun shit.
more later.