taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-06-23 18:40:09 (UTC)

Don't shoot! We have a flag...

***the following is a recreation. Actual events may have

Mom: Hey Derrick, look at what I got for our trip to

Derrick: What is that mom?

What I was then handed shocked me in a stomach wrenching
way that almost hurts to recall. It was a flag, but not
just any flag, a hybred flag, a cross between an American
and Canadian flag. So naturally I responded appropriately...

Derrick: What the hell is this?!

Mom: Its a flag...

Derrick: What do we need a damn flag for?!

Mom: We have to. There's a lot of crazy things going on in
the world. We don't want them to think that...

Derrick: ha! You can't be..are you kidding me?...

Unfortunately, she was all too serious, and the flag
prooved that. "Here's our flag for solidarity! We're behind
you and your policies. We love you! Don't hurt us!"
This all happened about a week ago. I am in
fact going on a trip with my family to the sunshine state
(spare the jokes, I have my reasons). But the flag incident
made me take a huge step back. The first thought that
jumped into my mind was "Let them fucking think whatever
the fuck they want to think! We don't need a damn flag to
go on vacation." and I was thrust into this controllable
rage. And my parents still like the Bush admin.?? Look what
you've been reduced too!! We live under a supposed fucking

Man...I can't even write about this coherently. Draw your
own whack conclusions from this, I don't know where to
begin. I need a beer. Bah. Flag for a trip. Geez. Give me a
goddamn break.

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