my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-06-23 17:29:30 (UTC)

imma home 4 a week i tink

im home for the time being. okp. so i was at the beach with
amy. we only went to the beach twice and we only went in
once!! it was freezing! holy crap i can't believe the water
was so cold. friday we met up with garrett and our youth
group and went camping in nags head with them. Bre and i
went swimming at that beach like. 3 times i think. but it
was cold there too, but we got over it easier and tehre
wasn't as much seaweed. duides we (bre,. amy, steph, carole
and i) learned how to play spoons except we had no spoons
so we used forks adn we started calling it dinglehoppers!!
it was great we are al laddicted to that game! lol after
vbs we(steph, carole, bre, nick, amy, rachel, tim and i)
were all playing it and it was so hard because there were
so many of us playing lol. it was great though. ne way
ummm.... yeh i dunno what to write. im gonna go get my
HARRY POTTER BOOK TODAY!!!! YAY!!!!! ok bye!!!