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2003-06-23 17:12:40 (UTC)

harry potter

oh my god.

im not gonna give anything away or anything, but.....

oh my god.

im in shock, denial, mourning, whatever...... i think im
gonna be crying for at least a month whenever harry potter
is mentioned. i just cant believe it. i feel like i lost
one of my best friends..... only thats stupid, cause its
just a book. but what a book. i almost made myself sick i
cried so much. headaches, nauseous, all while still
sobbing. but hey, i've got a year and a half to recover,
right? til the next book comes out? ill probly start
sobbing again as soon as i start it, because ill miss it so
very much.... i think i need grief counselling or
something. im gonna go read down with love and see if ewan
can cheer me up any. not looking to hopeful, though....

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