Me and More
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2003-06-23 10:16:58 (UTC)

Well, I lost...

Dear Diary,

Well, I fucking lost to a fucking 15 year old. I guess it
proves my theory that I'm just not dating material, and
that guys just like to hurt me. Over and over again it
happens. I'm getting really sick of it. I think I'm just
going to lay low for a while and say "fuck you" to
everyone. I'm hurt and I'm very pissed off. Because once
again, I get played. I am never given a chance b4 the other
girl, and usually I end up losing that friend because of
the other girl. Well, this time I'm fucking ready. I'm
tired of being hurt, I'm tired of this loneliness, I'm just
fucking tired of everything. I'm so glad that the fucking
universe likes making me sad and depressed. Never going to
get a chance with anyone, especially Brandon now. Fuck it
all. I hate my life and I hate me. Not good enough for
anyone to fucking date. Not pretty enough. Not skinny
enough. Not smart enough. Not tall enough. Too fucking
tall. Not blonde. Not a brunette. Not just fucking good
enough, and never given a fucking chance. Fine.