Jus Other Day
2003-06-23 08:06:11 (UTC)

.................Week One From Graduating from High School

It's benn a long time since i wrote in here. Alot of
things happened ova tha time and well i going to speal them
out. i had major trouble at the begging as i didnt know if
i was going to u already know i did, but it
was really hard trying to make up the credit as i only
needed 15 but i knew i was going to do it ut i thought it
was going to be easy but it sure hell wasnt. Not to meation
i was playing soccer club Arsenal FC.I got real kool
classes the last year of my high school career. they were
all elective so i jus needed science, math, Coom 2000, and
Econ and Gov'nt. My econ teacher, which his name will not
be metion, was a total ass dick-hole. Everybody liked him
cause he was "funny" but he was only making an ass of him
self. So i despied Mr. Phillps as he tried to be funny as
answering all the hard questions that he thought no one
knew as one he asked,"Whats the capitol of France" as i
repyled "the capitol of France is F" as everyone laughed i
told him it was Paris, which like no one in the class knew,
i guess they didnt get a A in Geography. As the first
Semester rolled on by the 2ed would be a blast as every
Senior is. I again got easy classes and i had FINALLY
caught up in credits and the rest was up to me to pass my
classes. I had Senior Foods, with the Funniest Teacher ever
Ms. Belleti, then i had Libary aid, shout out to Fab and
Cliton, Comm 2000, Govn't with Mr Rada, another funny, Drawing, then Yearbook. As all the
hype of the Senior Ball and all of the other Dance i never
went to them as my kinda of music was never a school fav. I
am like a goth person but i do love the Creed, Red Hott
Chili Peppers, Jimmy Eat World, Life House, Nirvana, POD,
Blink 182 type of music which they would never play. So i
would Skip the Dances and jus hang out at home with a few
friends. As the last months were passing the month of May
would be a big one. For one, My B-day is on the 11th,
Mothers Day, the 15th was grad night, where we go to
Disneyland, and the prom on the 17th. As for me my b-day
wasnt great but disneyland was great. as for Prom i wasnt
go to attend as i never did cause the music suxs but this
one girl, we would call her L.I., wanted to go but her
boyfriend didnt have the money so she was asking her friend
to find her a date and i was planning on asking her but i
also had limited funds but willing to go but i ended up not
asking her. Which i would like now add to my regets of High
School(list to be coming out). and like that School was
ending and with me certain to get a high GPA. i was
planning on going to a New York Univ. or Las Vegas, i plan
to jus stay here and go to OC. yet i dont know what classes
to take. The First week out from high school really
SUCKS!!! but yet Power House was greay yet I have no job,
cause my mother doesnt want me to get one, crazy i know,
and like nothing to do. jus waking up and get to my
computer and Watch the FIFA Confederations Cup in France as
now My USA Team is out of the Competiton.
As i am jus here Soaking up my free time, which i have no
car or DL to drive so there goes my fun.