worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2003-06-23 04:28:24 (UTC)

What a day

Two lines of clothespins are attached to my tits. 15 in a straight line on each tit linked by a rope. 12 more are attached to my pussy lips with one on my clit, also tied together. Master asks me if I want the zippers pulled off quick or slow. i'm too scared to answer. He says he'll let me try it both ways and then decide. He takes the rope connecting the pins on my right tit, holds it firmly, and in one quick motion yanks off all 15 simultaneously. i couldn't even scream at the pain ripping through my tit; i look down expecting to see my flesh torn off. If not for the shackles holding me up i'd be curled in a ball on the floor. i'm still squirming in pain as Master reaches for the rope on my left tit. This one will be slow and agonizing. He slowly pulls the rope and the pin closest to the outside of my body starts sliding off. It pinches my tender flesh as it finally pops off. It stings and the next one over is beginning to pull. The whole zipper takes an eternity to come off and i'm crying, wishing it would just be over already. Finally the last clothespin pops off and my entire tit is throbbing. Master gives me a minute to compose myself before asking me how i want the cunt zipper off - fast or slow. There is no lesser of two evils but i just want the pain over quickly. He reaches for the rope and i try to brace myself. He hesitates just long enough to watch me squirm in terrified anticipation. i hear the pins yanked off and it takes a second for the intense fire to register as pain. i twist in the shackles trying to escape the pain but it doesn't help. Master just watches me with a grin. He knows that my day of torture has only just begun.

The contraption in His hands makes me grimace. It's a bra, two sizes too small and with 80 sharp tacks stuck into it. Soon they'll be pressed into my still aching tits; stabbing me more with every move i make. Master locks the torture device on me and i learn how painful breathing can be. As my lungs expand the tacks dig deeper into my flesh and i feel like a thousand bees are stinging my tits. Unfortunately the pain is also arousing and i can feel my nipples growing hard and pushing out more against the sharp tacks. Master says He hopes i like my new garment because i'll be wearing it most of the day. i find standing still isn't too bad but moving is most unpleasant. Of course, Master already knows this.

He leads me to the wooden pony and points out the "improvement." It's covered in sandpaper. i mount the horse and try to sit still on the rough covering. My hands are on my head and my feet dangle down, several inches off the floor. My pussy is still sore from the zipper. i try not to move but Master has other ideas. He pulls out Hist trust bamboo cane. Lashes rain down on my ass, my thighs, my stomach. Each stroke causes me to rock back and forth on the pony, thus rubbing my pussy raw and pricking my tits over and over. My entire body is in pain and i am powerless to make it stop. Master loves driving me slowly insane.

Master puts me in a matching pair of tack-filled panties. They stab into my now raw pussy and striped ass. Standing perfectly still isn't too bad, but moving is excrutiating. Master leads me to the giant hamster wheel. He says it's better than a treadmill because i have to use my arms and legs to run in it. The wheel has plastic sides that keep me inside without escape. i start to run but the tacks start cutting into my sensitive areas and i try to stop. As soon as the wheel stops, electric shocks shoot into my feet and i have to start running again. i beg Master to let me out but He sets the time for one hour. My tits, pussy, and ass feel like knives are cutting into them with every step and yet i can't stop. My pain and frustration grow with every step. Master sits nearby watching His pet play.

At the end of the hour, Master says i can take a short nap. He removes my bra and panties and i nearly collapse in relief. For thirty minutes i get to "nap" on the rack. Master ties me down and stretches me out way past the point of comfort. When i can't move to twitch, Master puts on my blindfold and leaves me in peace. i can't sleep, but the pain from being stretched is still better than i was a few minutes ago. The time flies by and Master returns. He releases me from the rack and, to my horror, re-attaches my torturous bra and panties. The new pain on top of the old is even worse than before and i'm begging for mercy. Master is very amused.