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2003-06-23 03:23:33 (UTC)

never threatened

I never threated you with a physical threat. Its not me
that hates you. Its my mother. She knows all that has
happened since the day I met misty and she knows all about
you. So dont be afraid of me..cause I really dont care
about the petty things in life.. IM not afraid. Im not
terrified. I was going to try to be your never
slipped my mind. I attempted it...I was a little
skiddish..but wouldnt you be?... But what you did..didnt
seem right.. it bothered me. I never said I hated you...I
never said I was going to hurt you or attempt need
to open your mind...and your eyes...and see...that I am
just a human...trying to be what god made me.