Ode to a psycho!HA!
2003-06-23 03:00:44 (UTC)

The Beginning of Summer

It was the official beginning of summer yesterday. I woke
up at 11 which was quite out of the ordinary. We had a
girls day, and my we did the whole hair, nails, waxing
thing, which was good fun, especially since my cousin
Bonnie is a beautician by profession, and then we spent
about a total of 2 hours in target, and ate teds for lunch.
mmmm... teds. My cousin Kristin had her Graduation party
from college yesterday. It was alot of fun, and it was kind
of sweet me sitting there with a margarita in hand, and
jess with a glass of water. Nice change of pace if you know
what I mean. I drank three of them and had some of this
really spicey salsa, and man it did not sit the right way.
I felt them just sitting on my diaphragm, blegh, but other
than that all was good. we were there until about 11 or so,
which is relatively early but by then i was so tired I
could barely focus on conversation, which was SO odd, and
then of course my mom got lost going back to gordy's
because it's dark, and none of us can see really well, and
it's even worse in the dark, and my dad stayed at aunt
pats. But we figured it out and got back safely. Then I
talked to Billy for a good while which. It was real nice to
talk to someone who wasn't asking what grade I'm going
into, or about my boyfriend, or about what our plans are
for this week. I miss him really bad. Especially today, we
went to the Buffalo zoo, and it was so much fun! They have
alot of bears, like kodiak bears and polar bears, and they
were all so active. One of the polar bears dove into the
water and started splashing and teasing the smaller bear.
There were these 2 baby monkies that were all black with
bright red butts, and they were SO cute! They were
wrestling with eachother and playing and jumping on
eachother, and causing all kinds of riots! And the big
alpha male monkey was sitting on this big rock watching
everything going on, and this smaller monkey, I think it
was his girl, came up to him and sat down right in front of
him, and he walked up and sat right behind her and put his
head on top of her head for a min, and then started
scratching her back and grooming her, it was so cute! We
went to see the gorillas and there was this huge silver
back playing on the ropes, and all of a sudden he gets up
walks to one of the other windows, moves this like black
tire thing aside and lunges himself off or a boulder at the
window and pounds his fists against the glass. It was so
scarey, and then he picked up something else and threw it
at another window. He seemed a little frustrated! It was a
fun day. Then we went to aunt Kris's for dinner and wendy
came over and brought her son Dylan who's 5. That kid is
the cutedt thing in the entire world!! I love him to death.
he's obsessed with spiderman, and went and put on his
spiderman halloween costume and ran around the house
striking spiderman poses. When I tried to tell him that
batman is way more cooler than spiderman he casually
informed me that while batman has his perks spiderman is
much better because he can shoot spiderwebs put pf his
wrist. man I was shot down!! It was a really good day.
Tomorrow I think we may take in the falls. perhaps spend
the night in canada, perhaps not. Thursday we're going out
to cuba to see amy Jim Jimmy shannon and Jess, because we
haven't seen their house simce they moved out there, we'll
probably go to sulpture park on the way and then I believe
we'll stay the night in the cabin up there, and then go up
to the Kinzu on Friday and go out on the boats and spend
the night in the cabin up there, and then I believe we're
comming back to orchard park. hopefully sometime we'll get
to go to see Jenny's house, and to see the hulk. And a mall
would be nice too. mmmm.... I'm tired already.

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