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2003-06-23 02:54:33 (UTC)

there's a boy..

There's a BOY in the world...who is crazy. But I am not the
only one who believes this. I would have been friends if he
didnt strive for attention. He didnt need to go to the
hospital to get help...thats not the first step in healing.
The first step is understanding...Knowledge is key. I am
stronger than YOU..I did not go CRAZY. I did not BREAK DOWN
and CRY at work. I fought my own battle, I won my own war
and I moved on. I did not stalk her. She came running back
to me...not once...but many times...because you werent
there for her. She came back to me...and I just opened my
heart and let her back in. I wasnt always around, but I
told her that I would be here if she needed me. She came
running back to me...for good when I was on my way out the
door for a while. I told her I was moving away to see new
places...I never jeopordized anything...I just went with
the flow. When you asked if I was still around, cause you
wondered where I went, I was there... There were nights
where I was sitting there right next to her when you
called. I was silent...but I was there. She talked to me
about EVERYTHING. Thats what is good about our
relationship, we talk, we hang out, go out with friends.. I
give her more freedom that you ever thought of giving to
her.i wasnt mad, upset, or frusterated because she wasnt
here at 3...I was worried about her...because she usually
always shows up..or calls when she doesnt. I worry about
her. I always want to make sure that my baby will be
alright. Im not going to follow her or keep a leash on her.
Im not going to call her every five minutes to make sure
that she is where she said she was or where you told her.
She is her own person, I let her think what she wants. I
let her do what she wants. I dont make decisions for her. I
give my opinion.. that is all.
Dont ever call my house had no right to do that
this morning...or ever. DO it again...there will be
consequences. She says she doesnt feel bad for you
didnt get what you wanted. Noone feels pity for
have no love right now. So give up on this show you are
putting on....I know you are weak..but just give it up.

Life is awsome!

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