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2003-06-23 02:10:00 (UTC)

my pride weekend

Well. my weekend has certainly been a mixed bag. After I
wrote last, about my friend Blake who was killed in the
crash, I ended getting pressured into going to Melissa's
house where I had to sit there and pretend I was rolling
all night, because they wanted me to party with them before
I left. So I stayed awake most of the night pretending that
lights were so wonderful (which they really are, since I
was spinning them :) and besides, I enjoy any time I get to
practice). So friday wasn't exactly wonderful.

I woke up after a few hours of sleep to go to PRIDE in
Louisville, which was a blast. It was small, and had no
where near as many people as I am used to at PRIDE
festivals, but it was more intimate somehow for that. I met
my good friend Davey down there (with a pic of Gage in his
pocket, since Gage was unable to attend) and we spent most
of the day wandering thru the crowds. I met this great guy
named Adam, who I just know I'm gonna be good friends with.

Even better, I got to sing on stage in front of everyone
there in the "American Gay Idol" contest, and I came in
second place to a Whitney Houston singing lesbian. She
really was very good, but the judges (one of them) said I
should've won if it had been up to him. All 3 of them asked
me to sing at thier clubs, too!!! I had disappoint them,
since I'm moving friday.

I figured, what the hell, might as well go to the club one
last time, and OMG, I ran in to this guy I know named
scott, and who should be hitting on him, but RICKY!!!! The
guy I met my FIRST time ever going to the club! And the guy
who got me into spinning glow sticks on strings anyway! If
you remember, talking to him when I met him was like
meeting an old friend again anyway, and it was even better
this time! It was kind of Karmic, meeting him the first
time I went to the club, and also the last time. Anyway, I
just know we are going to be really good friends! (HI
RICKY, If you are reading this!)

I got home about 6am, and got a little sleep before going
to pick up Shannons boy, my little buddy, Brady. I took him
to see 2 fast 2 furious, which was ok.

Now I'm getting ready to pass out, so I'm gonna finish this

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