the secret life of me.
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2003-06-23 01:09:39 (UTC)

Ahh, Southwest.

I was packing up my sleeping bag (for camp), and I felt
a few grains of sand in the bottom of it. It brought back
so many memories from Southwest. There is no way to
describe just how beautiful it was there. I haven't told
anyone about my REAL favorite parts of the trip, and I
don't think I ever will. It's all part of the experience.
When you come back, you are a totally different person,
and you don't really want to tell anyone why. But I will tell
you one thing: If you think you are strong enough to
handle being extremely dirty, tired, bug-bitten, and
volatile... then sign up for this trip. It was definitely the
best thing that ever happened to me.

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow. Finally. I've been looking
forward to this for almost the entire year. HOT DAMN!!!!

I'm having dinner w/ grandpa right now... so I'll finish
this up later.

xoxo Mell

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