No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-06-23 01:01:39 (UTC)

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

what should i do?
over the past coupla weeks ive been seriously thinking
about my life and about the mistakes ive made in the past.
and about leaving for college.

BV: why do girls at least SEEM so temperamental?
BV: i know it sounds juvenile
BV: but I always have to be on my toes, it seems
me: we have HIGH expectations...and get frustrated easily
when those expectations arent met...its like, when we're
lil we're told these fairytales and when we grow up we
find out how untrue they really were...we try hard (mostly
subconsciously i think) to make them true tho...

im sick of being so easily upset. i was thinking...maybe
since im leaving...maybe i should end all the bad feelings
i have towards the ppl here...that way i only have the
good memories of them. ya know? lol...i just asked 'BV' if
thats stupid...he said 'idk'. i think thats the most
honest answer i coulda gotten. ever. lol.

there are just those few people that i used to be BEST
friends w. that shit fell apart and now theres nothing.
looking at it objectively now, i see how stupid and
stubborn i was. people make mistakes...i shouldnt let that
get in the way of friendships. (in MOST cases! argh! grr!)