Queen Kate

my life in words
2003-06-23 00:22:56 (UTC)

samantha's family

It was a warm morning and she woke up to her friends mom
saying, "how long did you guys stay up last night? it is
almost 1pm." She didn't really listen to her, and she went
back to sleep. Then she felt a worm slober driping on her
face from her friends pet dog jena. so she decided not to
fight anymore and get up. She went down stairs to the
kitchen, poring a bowl of lucky charms. then looks at her
watch and see's that it is time to go home. She give her
friend a hug and says, "i got to go my mom was going to go
shoping with me today for my birthday! its my
birthday." "oh my god, why didn't you tell me?" her friend
asked. Samantha didn't like people wasting their money on
her so she simply said, " i don't really need anything from
you, just you being my friend is enough of a present." They
said their goodbyes again and she lefted. When she got home
she pulled out her keys and inserted them into the door,
but the door just was open. Samantha didn't think anything
of it seeing to how it was summer and her family lefted the
door open to let the air come in. She yelled, " Lucy i'm
home." like in the old t.v show i love lucy. And then she
froze as she looked at the floor and saw blood smeared all
over like a finger painting done bye a toddler. She
followed the smear into her living room to fine her mother,
father, younger brother and old brother tied up and dead.
Their eyes were all open. wide and bloody.they had been hit
with a hammer or something over and over again, until dead.
her heart stopped and she fainted. when she woke up there
was a man standing over her, covered in blood. He
said, "your next bitch..." and he took a metal can with a
handle and derenched her in the liquid in it. she tryed to
move but her body hurt. the smell of the liquid was
overwelling and she thought it was gasoline. The last thing
she could remember was the man similing at her and he lit a
match and dropped it. She was 12 years old. Her younger
brother was 11 and her older brother was 13. This is mostly
a true story based on the murder of the Goldmarks from
about 25 years ago. They lived about a block away from
where i live now. Happy birthday Samantha. the end

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