Kitten's deams
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2003-06-22 20:58:36 (UTC)

Did he deny me?

I think that he compleatly denied that I exsist. L**** I
mean. We really got to know eachother at prom and...
we've been hanging out togeather. We've been making out.
Wow can he kiss! It always wipes all thoughts out of my
mind. A*****, my best friend, talked to Louis during
graduation. She asked him a few times if he had a
girlfriend, he kept saying he didn't, making it sound like
it was a poposterous idea. This is her version of
things. I haven't even talked to him about it yet. I'm a
little bit nervous about asking him about it. I really
have got to remember to stay calm and not do ask him about
it in a blaming or judgmental way. I hope it was just a
mistake, not the fact that he doesn't want me arround.
Although, if he doesn't, I'll be single and open to date
again, and I do always like that. I've been getting a few
looks this summer from people too. Not to mention my new
co-worker, he's preaty cute (and avilable too)! Damm! i
have ot so many tan lines, and I'm a bit burnt too. It's
not bad though, I'm preaty dark skined natuarlly, so I've
just gotten nice and golden! What am I going to do about
L****?! I'm crazy about him, and he's not exactly good
for me either. He smokes pot, he driks at times, he's
agnostic and argumentative, and I'm a good christian girl
who is also very agumentative. Oh well, We'll se what