2003-06-22 20:19:16 (UTC)


I spent part of the afternoon clearing out weeds in the back
yard. There are plenty. I trimmed roses and pulled out
blackberries and thistles, prunned the Oregon grape, and
watered all my pots--flowers, vegetables, blueberries and
the Christmas tree. It looks much better now, less like a
jungle, but there's still more work to do. I also watered
the two large pots I have on the front porch. I planted red
geraniums and white petunias, added some small American
flags and metal stars on stakes and will leave that up
through July. Then I'll repot them in smaller pots and put
them in the backyard I've been thinking of what I want to
replace them with in August. Some multicolored flowers (?)
and white daisies? Or perhaps a combination of two colors.
Purple and pink petunias maybe? I have to think about this
some more.

I've appliqued all the flag blocks for the Liberty Eagle
quilt I'm making. You can see what the finished quilt looks
like at

I've finished one of the eagle blocks and have the other two
ready to applique; perhaps I can finish them today and then
start on the borders tomorrow.

I like the Rudolph quilt but the pattern looks simple and i
have lots of scrap so I'm not getting that kit, although I
may decide to make it later.